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The Wii HD is not just HD

I’ve noticed a few folks have been crying foul on Nintendo fans for getting excited over high definition content on a Nintendo console. It seems like hypocrisy, doesn’t it? For years it didn’t matter, but now that Nintendo does it, … Continue reading

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Interesting: The First Skyward Sword Screenshots were in HD

Once the Wii HD rumors began it didn’t take long for people to speculate that The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword would be delayed to coincide with the launch of the new console, similar to how Twilight Princess was pushed to the … Continue reading

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Nintendo in talks with Rockstar about their new console?

Rockstar is a brilliant company to have on your side if you’re trying to sell consoles. Their games are ridiculously popular and would attract the “hardcore” audience who could improve the attach rate of Nintendo’s next console. Following on from … Continue reading

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Is Nintendo’s new console designed to co-exist with the Wii?

The name “Wii HD” is only a nickname. Based on what we’re hearing, the system could be quite different from the Wii. One of its main differentiators is that it’s supposedly being designed to “recapture the hardcore market.” What some … Continue reading

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