Interesting: The First Skyward Sword Screenshots were in HD

Once the Wii HD rumors began it didn’t take long for people to speculate that The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword would be delayed to coincide with the launch of the new console, similar to how Twilight Princess was pushed to the Wii. It would at least explain why Nintendo is yet to give the game a release date.

But as noted by the @ZeldaUniverse Twitter account, there’s a peculiarity worth mentioning. The first screenshots for Skyward Sword were in high definition back at E3 2010, which is strange as the Wii doesn’t output to a resolution that high.

This could just be a matter of Nintendo inflating the resolution so the screenshots look better as they circulate the net, but is that how Nintendo tends to handle things?

I’m not too familiar with their standard practices in regards to screenshots, but seeing as one of the big features of the Wii HD is the support for high definition content, could the screenshots be a nod to Skyward Sword being delayed until the next console is released?

If this were the only evidence of a delay, then it wouldn’t mean much, but in addition to the lack of a release date, the history with Twilight Princess and the announcement of new hardware coming soon, it’s plausible. As always though, just a bit of speculation.


skyward sword 5





skyward sword 4






skyward sword 3






skyward sword 2






skyward sword 6

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