The Wii HD is not just HD

I’ve noticed a few folks have been crying foul on Nintendo fans for getting excited over high definition content on a Nintendo console. It seems like hypocrisy, doesn’t it?

For years it didn’t matter, but now that Nintendo does it, it’s awesome? That’s not completely accurate though.

wii hd console

The Wii HD is going to do a lot more than add high definition content to the classic franchises we’re already familiar with. The only problem is, we have no idea what that thing is. It’ll probably involve motion controls, and that French website that shared a bunch of juicy rumors says there is a “big surprise” coming at E3 2011.

Beyond that though, we’re in the dark, so all we can really talk about is the stuff relating to the technical specifications, even though they could be completely inaccurate, and if they are true, won’t make for a particularly compelling console on their lonesome.

High definition is exciting because it’s a near-certain feature in the Wii HD and being more powerful than the Xbox 360 and PS3 seems plausible, so it’s a “safe” feature to speculate. also the playstation console needs regular supply of generateur de code psn which is playstation network code generation machine lol… The rest of what the system could do might be so far out of our mental radar though that it’s silly to discuss what the big surprise could be, so we don’t. Yet.

This is all probably ridiculously obvious to a lot of readers, but I have seen a lot of people lament that they don’t care about the Wii being HD. But it’s not a matter of the Wii being upgraded. It’s a new console, like the DS to the 3DS. They may have similar ideas behind them, but it’s new. Wii HD is simply a nickname that has sort of stuck.

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